Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Treadmill Desk Update: 1 Year, 9 Months

Big changes afoot.  First the stats:

Leveling off some.  Still not progressing like I want.

  • Hours: 2751
  • Hours/Day: 5.3
  • Steps: 9,736,000
  • Steps/Day: 18,868
  • Calories: 601,654
  • Calories/Day: 1,166
  • Calories/Hr: 218
  • Miles: 3235.7
  • Miles/Day: 6.3

About a week after this update, I decided that I needed to take an extended break from the treadmill.  This was a tough decision, if for no more reason than 10 million steps is within grasp, with maybe another week or so of walking as I type this, and it's driving me nuts to stop this close to such a milestone.  But I just couldn't go on.

I don't really know what happened. It might be as simple as making a bad choice when I purchased new shoes a couple months back. All I know is that walking on the treadmill has become a challenge, both mentally and physically.  I'm routinely sore.  Not tremendously so; nothing like last year when I was suffering enough to see a doctor.  Just a general nagging that really gets annoying after a while.  I found that I was reducing both speed and duration, and still finding myself just completely exhausted by the end of the day. And sore. Fear of my weight going back up if I stopped walking, combined with frustration that my weight wasn't going down anymore, added a whole lot of stress and negativity and I finally just had enough. I needed a break.

So, I'm going to be spending time away from the treadmill for a while.  I haven't decided how long yet, but it will be at least a month.  I'm not giving up altogether as I absolutely intend to return to the treadmill.  I just need a rest; or at least a change.

I can't simply go back to sitting at a desk without changing anything else.  I'm aware of my calorie intake, and I'm also well aware that I won't be burning 1000-1500+ extra calories per day while I take this break.  That's how I put on all of those extra pounds in the first place, and I'm not stupid. Tired, yes; stupid, no.  So I will be making an effort to reduce calorie intake and generally be more disciplined about what I eat.

Diet alone will not be sufficient, so I still intend to get some exercise.  I gave this a lot of thought, and decided that I will swim instead.  Through my wife's employer, I have reasonably-priced access to some nice fitness facilities, and pools are included.  As I type this, I have done laps for at least 30 minutes each of the last 5 days, with the last couple being more like 45 minutes. My goal is to get that up to at least an hour.  It's a struggle, as I'm pretty gassed after about 5 minutes, but I'm trying to push myself.  I may pursue other activities later, but for now swimming is all that I care to do.  For one, there is no impact on my feet, other than walking to/from the pool.  For another, my upper body gets involved, which is something that does not happen on the treadmill. I have never had much in the way of upper body strength, so this seems like a good first step towards acquiring some. And it is far more in the way of cardio activity than I normally would get. The speeds I do on the treadmill don't exactly get the blood pumping.

We each got an annual membership, so my intention is to continue doing some form of additional exercise even after I come back to the treadmill. Rather than trying to walk ALL day on the treadmill, I'll devote some time in the evening for swimming.

I haven't quite figured out how to handle future updates. The whole point up until now is that all of this weight loss was purely through the use of the treadmill.  That shouldn't be the case, at least not very often, going forward.  Maybe I'll just call it a general fitness update and include a running total of my swimming duration.

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