Monday, April 08, 2013

Treadmill Desk Update: 1 Year, 3 Months

Meh. Just meh. Long, tiring month.

I hate it when record lows get treated like trampolines that I bounce right off of.  But there does seem to be something of a trend happening every few months, and I'm solidly in an upward cycle at the moment.

The latest statistics:

  • Hours: 2031.5
  • Hours/Day: 5.2
  • Steps: 7,143,043
  • Steps/Day: 18,363
  • Calories: 458,803
  • Calories/Day: 1,179
  • Calories/Hr: 225
  • Miles: 2381.5
  • Miles/Day: 6.1

7 million steps.  2000 hours.

300 Mile March

I wouldn't necessarily call it a horrible failure, but I missed my 300-mile goal by quite a bit.  Still haven't reached that distance yet actually, and it's the second week of April.

I was more or less on pace through roughly three weeks. I was also exhausted and sore. I would fall behind pace over the weekends, and then catch up and get ahead during the week.  I had no realistic shot of accomplishing the goal with the treadmill alone, as it would have required a little over 8 hours of walking for every single day - weekends included - of the month. So I was augmenting my distance by walking around the neighborhood for an hour or so each day.  Each hour I walked around outside netted roughly 3 more miles than the treadmill would have, so I deemed it a worthwhile trade. But it took its toll.

I then made a last-minute decision to attended a developer's conference that was nearby, and this would take me away from my distance walking opportunities for 2 days.  I did the math, and in order to still achieve the goal I was going to have to add 2 more miles for each of the remaining days of the month. It was going to be a serious stretch at the original pace, and I decided I didn't have it in me to go even farther. I wound up avoiding walking in general for several days after the conference, and the goal was officially squashed.

So I finished March with only 229.5 miles, not only well short of the goal, but also failing to match the 248 I walked in February.  This is still the 2nd-highest-distance month overall, though when I look only at treadmill distance (142) this was not even top-5.  And I am averaging over 200/month, which I consider impressive, especially given illness downtime in early January.

I'd like to give this goal another try at some point, but it will be preceded by a month of light walking, not heavy walking.


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