Friday, September 07, 2012

Treadmill Desk Update: 8 Months

Hey, I'm finally doing one of these on time.

I now have 8 months of usage of my LifeSpan TR1200-DT treadmill desk under my belt (and the belt is shorter now!).  The latest numbers:

The spike a few days ago was from laziness and over-eating over the Labor Day holiday weekend.  I was actually pretty surprised how quickly and drastically it came back down after that.  And I haven't exactly been on my best eating behavior this week, which makes the new record a pleasant bonus.

  • Hours: 1101.25
  • Hours/Day: 5.25
  • Steps: 3,826,195
  • Steps/Day: 18,220
  • Calories: 265,736
  • Calories/Day: 1,265
  • Calories/Hr: 241
  • Miles: 1282.4
  • Miles/Day: 6.1

So my new record low, set today, is -41 pounds.  It took to get TO that -35 line up there, and then took even longer to decisively move beyond it.  I'm so thrilled to have finally hit the -40 line, and am quite pleased that I'm still heading down.  4 million steps is on the horizon (!), and there's a chance I'll get to 300K calories before the next update.

I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I'm now lighter than I ever was at any point during my previous job.  If I can lose another 20-30 pounds, that should put me roughly where I was when I graduated college.  I possibly have a shot at doing that this calendar year, but with holidays coming up, I'm guessing that might not happen.  Hopefully early next year.

My feet issues have largely stayed away.  I won't pretend that I'm 100%, but certainly doing well enough that I am not really too concerned anymore.  I can walk around the apartment in my bare feet without issue.  I'm even toying with the idea of removing some of the shoe inserts to see if they are still necessary.  But the one thing that hasn't really changed is my inability to go faster.  On a typical day I walk at 1.1.  I've been toying with 1.2 in some situations, and can mostly still do that.  By the time I get to 1.3, I'm going to be hurting, and I haven't bothered even trying to go higher than that in quite some time.  It's too bad, because I was really torching calories when I was doing 1.5 before, but wear and tear sets in, so the increased burn rate is quickly offset by shorter durations.

I mentioned previously that I would be reducing the frequency of lubricating the treadmill belt.  I've been doing it once a month for a couple of months, and that seems to be going well so far.  The belt no longer looks wet on the edges.  Considering the amount I use this thing, I probably want to err on the side of lubricating too much rather than not enough.  So the roughly-once-a-week I was doing before was clearly too much.  Once a month might be on the edge of not quite enough.  I think I'll try doing it every 3 weeks for a while and see how that goes.

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