Tuesday, July 10, 2012

State of the Blog

I have been using Apple-provided web storage for as long as I have had a web presence, dating all the way back to college with the original iTools.  Then came .Mac and eventually MobileMe.  My images have been in the same place for years and years.  Apple finally shut down MobileMe a couple weeks ago, and has not (yet?) provided a similar service for iCloud.  So a quick glance back through posts made before the last 6 months or so will reveal a lot of broken images.  Sorry about that.

Since I have some work to do anyway to fix things, I'm going to restructure content as well.  As this is my personal blog, I'm going to focus on personal content here.  I'll start doing technical posts over on my company blog.  As I go back and repair images, I will move those posts over to the company blog as well.  Older posts that are neither technical nor relevant anymore will probably remain broken.

Might take a while to get everything sorted out.  Please pardon our mess.

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