Monday, June 25, 2012

Treadmill Desk Update: 5 Months

Really tardy with this update of my LifeSpan TR1200-DT, for a couple of reasons.  One is laziness, the other is vacation.  So here is where things stand:

  • Hours: 706.5
  • Hours/Day: 5.1
  • Steps: 2,502,189
  • Steps/Day: 18,132
  • Calories: 176,751
  • Calories/Day: 1,281
  • Calories/Hr: 250
  • Miles: 848.6
  • Miles/Day: 6.1

The dashed line there represents vacation.  I was away from the treadmill for nearly 2 weeks, and made it a point to stay off my feet in general.  The improvement for my feet was tremendous.

The good news is that despite the significantly reduced activity, I only gained 3 pounds.  I was surprised, expecting much more.  And then with the remaining few days of vacation, I splurged a lot in order to bulk up for the initial weigh-in in a weight loss contest.  So all told, the damage was 7 pounds.  I decided to reset the guidelines in the graph just because I'm unlikely to catch back up to the original 2 lb/wk pace.

I made a change to the walking style since we've been back.  I did a much slower ramp-up than I did when I first got the treadmill.  First, I'm limiting the speed to 1.0.  I haven't decided when I will start increasing speeds again, but so far haven't really felt the need.  As far as calories per day go, I can burn more additional calories by walking farther than I can by walking faster.  The faster speeds come with more wear and tear, so I generally can't walk as long.  6 hours @ 1.0 burns more calories than 5 hours @ 1.1 or 1.2.  In addition to slower speeds, I'm walking in chunks with breaks in between.  I started with 15 minutes of walking, 15 minutes of standing, rinse repeat.  I've gradually pushed that out to 25/5.  This seems to be working, as I'm not feeling the need to take icing breaks as often as I was.

Despite the reduced duration and speed, the weight is generally trending downward again.  The weight has been fluctuating quite a bit, so it's a little tough to feel progress, but it is definitely there.  I have dipped below that -30 line again, albeit just briefly.  I can live with the slower pace, as I'm not currently constantly thinking about the pain in my feet.  That's an acceptable tradeoff.

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Jordan said...

From one computer nerd to another, I can't thank you enough for releasing such useful data.

It really helped me take the plunge!