Friday, March 04, 2011

UITableView How-To: Part 4 - XIB-Based Cells

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that BasicViewController is based on UIViewController. Is there a difference between using that and using UITableViewController ?

Brian Slick said...

Yes. Click the UITableView label at the right, and find my presentation on table views.

Kristjan said...

Are you sure that
IBOutlet TableCell *tableCell
has to be used in your vievcontroller .h file?
Isn't it working perfectly with just
TableCell *tableCell?

Brian Slick said...

How did you make the connection without it being an IBOutlet?

Kristjan said...

I can't find out, what have I done differently. Except that I have reuseidentifier set in my custom cell, but this shouldn't matter.

Will said...

great tutorial. This is a big time saver after you get the steps down