Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Was That Noise?

What noise? Oh, that? That was the sound of the other shoe dropping.

Loyal readers (both of you!) know that I have have been unemployed since late November. I'll talk more about what I've been doing in the meantime at a later date, but basically I haven't been trying all that hard to find another job. That may need to change sooner than I had hoped.

Teri was informed on Friday that her position will not be renewed this summer. It's not a 100% done deal, but close enough that there's no real point in hoping that she'll keep her job. She will finish up at the end of June. I suppose we could view this as she is getting nearly 4 months severance, but she still has to work for it. Heh.

Although it's always shocking to learn of job loss, it wasn't a complete surprise. The university, like everyone else, has been facing budgetary issues. Also, in response to being questioned about job security, her boss hinted a few weeks ago that she should keep her eyes and ears open. That's what we in the business call "a sign".

This will be the first time Teri has lost her job, and it's just a great big happy freaking coincidence that it happens when I am also jobless. So this drastically reduces the amount of time that our savings will last. With Teri employed, our pile 'o cash can go for roughly 3 years. With no income, that drops to about 9-10 months, or roughly a year from today. So we still have time to find jobs, but a lot less of it.

Semi-related side note: If you have a nice, perfectly functioning - and paid off - automobile, and are thinking about selling it, buying something cheaper, and using the difference to pay off credit cards, DON'T DO IT! Nothing sucks like have to pay for repairs on a POS car when you don't have a job. Reliable transportation is very important. Also, if you think that used cars devalue slower than new cars, um, no. My POS car is worth roughly half of what I paid for it not even 9 months ago. Did I mention repair costs?

Anyway, Teri has spent the last few days applying for other jobs. Basically none of them are local. So chances are, our lives are about to change. Once we are both jobless, aside from a couple of friends, the only thing keeping us here is the house. And as one of those friends said: "Gotta eat!" Damn straight. So the house will most likely go up for sale and we'll move. No idea where or when yet. The good news is the pretty much everything Teri is looking at comes with a decent pay increase. How the cost of living will increase is yet to be determined.

I've started waking up my headhunter network, so I'll probably go off and do some contract jobs in the meantime to bring in some money (so I can buy a better car!). Depending on the timing of when Teri finds a job and where it is, or when I do, we may be spending a fair amount of time apart this year.

As I was typing this, it occurred to me that I've been in Cincinnati for almost 11 years. This puts it 2nd on my list of "places I've lived the longest" (cities, not specific addresses). I was moved away from Anderson when I was 12, so if we're still here next year, I'll tie that record.

Go, economy!

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Psolaris said...

Oh man Brian! I'll keep you guys in my prayers. And I'll keep my eyes and ears open for any job openings for either of you. Why don't you guys join us for Sci-Fri Friday (if you guys enjoy Battlestar Gallactica that is). We head over to the Kirschbaum's for the show, have a beer or a glass of wine...it's a good time to hang out with some friends :)