Saturday, August 02, 2008

For Sale

PLEASE NOTE: The car has been sold. I'm leaving the post here for posterity.

Alas, the time has come to part with my baby. Here are the details.


2005 Saab 9-2X Aero

Arctic Silver Metallic
Premium package (leather, HID lights)
5-speed manual
~59K miles
I am the original owner, and a non-smoker. Most factory parts that were replaced by aftermarket items are available and will be included. Most, if not all, service records are available. This car averages 26 MPG.


XPEL (3M) Clear bra protection

Coverage over the entire front end, the side mirrors, door handle cups, and a strip over the front of the roof.

Tail light tint

Darkens the clear parts of the tail lights, for that extra ounce of Euro-snobbery.

Hella Supertones

That's right, there are four horns. And yes, they are very, very loud.



The Premium package adds the leather interior to the base Aero.

Rear cupholder

Regular 9-2X's do not come with rear cupholders. Fortunately, Subaru accessories often drop right in.

Head unit, DIN pocket, shifter

More info on the audio in a moment, but here you see the aftermarket head unit, along with an accessory DIN pocket. Also note the Momo shift knob. That knob is attached to a Cobb Tuning Short Throw Shift Lever. The factory shift lever will be included.

Mirror, Valentine 1

Factory 9-2X's come with just a regular ho-hum mirror. Once again, Subaru accessories work just fine. This is an auto-dimming mirror (although you really won't notice with the tint) with a compass and Homelink (opens your garage door). Also included is a Valentine 1 radar detector, which has been hard-wired in so the power outlet remains free for other use.

Strut tower bar, cargo net

Again, more on audio in a moment, but here you see the subwoofer. The pink things are for an authentic STi strut tower bar. This is not a cheap knockoff; it's the real deal. The factory caps are available in case the new owner wants to remove the bar. Also note the cargo net scrunched up at the bottom of the picture.

Anti-static pad

Ever get out of your car and get a shock? Not in this car. This little guy is a Subaru factory accessory that is hard to come by in the States. I don't know how or why it works, I just know that it does.

Window tint

All windows have been tinted to be as dark as Ohio law allows. There is also an "eyebrow" across the top of the windshield.

Audio system, sound deadening
Refer to the previous picture for a shot of the head unit, which is an Alpine CDA-9847 CD/MP3/WMA Receiver. The factory head unit, a 6-disc changer, will be included.

The front doors contain CDT Audio HD-62/M6i component speakers, DRT-25 tweeters, and SatNet-480 crossovers. Also note the RAAMmat sound deadening material that has been added.

The hatch contains a JL Audio 12W1V2-4 subwoofer, an ADS PH15.2 amp, and a Coustic XM-3E crossover. This is built into a custom sub box that is removable. The spare tire is underneath that, and note the custom storage boxes. There is additional sound deadening material throughout the wheel house. All original pieces that were in the hatch area are available and will be included.

Harness mounts
Attachment points have been added for a Schroth Rallye 4 Quick Fit Harness, and the harness itself will be included.


Harder to take pictures of this stuff. On paper, this car makes somewhere around 300 hp (up from ~227 stock), but has never been on a dyno to prove that.

  • The up-pipe is a TurboXS flex pipe. Factory up-pipe will be included.

  • The turbo-back exhaust is from Cobb Tuning, and contains a single high flow cat. Factory exhaust will be included.

  • The Samco Sport Intercooler Hose Kit has been installed.

  • A blue Cobb Tuning lightweight main power pulley has been installed. Factory pulley will be included

  • A Cobb Tuning AccessPort (1st generation) will be included. The car is currently running a Stage 2 map.


Again, harder stuff to photograph here.

  • The front swaybar is Whiteline 22mm Adjustable - BSF12Z. Factor bar is included.

  • The rear swaybar is Whiteline 22mm Adjustable - BSR36Z. Factory bar is included.

  • The front endlinks are Whiteline Heavy Duty. Factory links are included.

  • The rear endlinks are Kartboy. Factory links are included.

  • The springs are Prodive. These do lower the car about an inch (as shown in pictures) Factory springs are included.

  • Turn in Concepts fender cowl braces have been installed.

  • The wheels are 17" Rota SDR, with a wagon-friendly offset. The tires are BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S. They are virtually new, with less than 4000 miles on them. The factory Saab 16" wheels and tires will be included. The factory tires have about 23K miles on them, so plenty of life remaining. One, maybe two, of the factory wheels has been damaged from a pothole, but aside from a minor vibration, they are perfectly usable.


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