Friday, May 02, 2008

SolidWorks Transition Series

Despite having received SolidWorks training a few months ago, I'm only just now finally clearing enough regular work (read: in I-DEAS) off my plate to be able to spend some quality time with it. One of the projects I've made for myself to help learn SW is to migrate/recreate one of the products I helped to design a few years ago. I'm familiar with what was involved to create it in I-DEAS, so that will give me a good comparison to what is required to recreate it in SolidWorks.

Of course, it will be impossible for me not to compare stuff to I-DEAS with a hypercritical eye. When I find things I like, I'll highlight them; but you better believe that when I find things I don't like, I'll be very vocal about it. I consider myself to be a reasonable person, willing to be persuaded by convincing arguments. So if I complain about something that is off-base, please do provide the counter argument. Short of changing jobs, I'm going to be stuck with SolidWorks for quite some time, so if a reasonable argument helps to alleviate some mental anguish on my part, I'm all ears.

Short term, I'm still learning this stuff, so most posts will be bitching about stuff. As I get to used to things, I expect the posts will generally become more positive. I absolutely encourage feedback. Comments, things to try, etc. Oh, and just to clarify, my previous post about using SW at home is with SW 2007, but the vast majority of posts to come will be with SW 2008 at work.

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