Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Sweet Smell of Defeat

(12) Indiana 74, (19) Michigan State 103

Much as it pains me to feel good about an MSU win, any IU loss trumps that every time. IU fans, on behalf of MSU fans, I'd like to offer the following:

The funny thing is that if you look at IU's numbers, they had a respectable game. But holy crap MSU was on fire. It was fun to watch.

I kept hearing that if Purdue wins out, we would own the tiebreaker over Wisconsin (due to 2 wins over them), and Indiana, though I've never heard the explanation relative to IU. Since they beat us, and we only play one time this season, I would have assumed the tiebreaker would belong to them. As of right now, that no longer matters. With IU losing, they are no longer tied for the Big Ten lead. Purdue's fate is in their own hands. The remaining games at OSU and Michigan are not gimmies by any means, but definitely winnable. And Purdue will most likely need to win out, because Wisconsin's remaining games - Penn St at home and @ Northwestern - are against lesser opponents, and thus they will probably win out as well.

Purdue's victory over Northwestern gave them an undefeated conference record at home. And the victory over IU gave MSU the same thing. I believe we are the only two teams in the conference with that claim.

Chris Kramer is a damn thief. 6 steals in the first half of the NW game. Awesome. And he's doing a fantastic job of shutting down big scorers on the other team. Too bad that defense doesn't get as much recognition as big scores, because he certainly deserves it.

Giving thought to going to the Big Ten tournament. I don't think I've ever been to a Purdue basketball game, and certainly never gone to a tournament. Might be fun.


Flaming_Pele! said...

Kinda ironic you posted that video and all, eh? Yes, payback is a bitch and so is Karma.
Purdue 77 - Ohio State 80

The Slick One said...

Hey now, surely even an OSU grad can see the difference between a 3-point defeat in overtime, and a 30-point halftime.