Monday, March 31, 2008

I-DEAS userprof.prg

The first time I attended the I-DEAS user conference - this was shortly after it had merged with UGUG and had changed to PLM World - I saw a fascinating presentation by David Narajowski on program files. His presentation served as a good kick in the pants for me. You see, after having been an I-DEAS instructor for a number of years, and constantly preaching to my students "If you don't like how this works, you can write a macro," or "if you are doing the same thing over and over again, write a macro," I never actually took my own advice. So in a fit of David-driven inspiration, I came home and got started on the macros that would eventually become the suite of drafting macros I link to in the previous post.

David also provided a handy file: userprof.prg. The userprof fires off anytime a model file is created, and David had taken this file, originally created by Mel Boss, and expanded it with his own shortcuts. Over the years, I gradually made my own additions, and that's what I'm sharing now.

Here you go: I-DEAS userprof.prg (17 KB)

The main thing this does is create a whole bunch of colors. That's nice for when the basic I-DEAS color wheel gets boring. But on top of that, David created some handy shortcuts. Using that guidance, my own contributions to this file are as follows:

auto-switch to Modeler - If the user creates a new model file while in Drafting, most of the commands don't apply, so all you get are a series of error messages. I made it so that it will switch to Modeler first, and then run the rest.

new - Creates a BORN part. This might have been David's, but I think it's mine. It became less useful after the Create Part command was added, but I still use it.

us - Short for Update/Show. Does a Complete Update of the assembly on the screen, and then follows up with Show Free.

oldfocus - When the Focus command changed, this impacted Assembly Cut creation in a negative way. Easiest solution was to revert to the old command.

newfocus - After using oldfocus, turn the new algorithm back on (it is better).

noshow - This messes with the Display Filters, and basically turns everything off, making for an easier assembly display.

showup - After using noshow, this will turn most common items back on.

You can read through the file to see what all is there, including David's additions. I particularly enjoyed "boom", which deletes all out-of-date sketch edges.

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Anonymous said...

At my site, we are in the progress in going from Ideas to CatiaV5, and have initiated work with Elysium to enhance their "cadfeature" program to translate parts with history, assys with constraints, and associative unannotated drawings.
I havent really investigated the CMMprocess to NX, but the cadfeature seem very familiar to the CMM concept, except for the fact that it is not supported from Teamcenter.