Tuesday, February 12, 2008


(19) Purdue 60, (10) Michigan State 54

I was pretty confident we would win this game. Our only conference loss came against MSU - at MSU - and without our key player: Robbie Hummel. It was by a mere 3 points. So at home, and with Hummel, I liked our chances. The first half exceeded any expectations. We were on fire, MSU sucked. Izzo apparently had a better halftime speech, because MSU remembered how to play, and managed to shrink an early 16 point lead down to only 1. But they never took the lead, and the Boilers managed to hang on for the win.

Let's add a couple more bullets to the previous list:

  • Held MSU to ZERO 3-pointers

  • First time ever defeating Top Ten ranked teams in consecutive games.

  • Haven't had a 10-win streak since 1996 (we won the Big Ten title that year)

  • Robbie Hummel apparently likes a challenge. He scored a career high against Wisconsin, and then turned around and set a new career high against MSU.

If if I find a video clip, I'll post it:
Hummel chases a ball out of bounds under the goal. Before the ball is out, he tosses it back in to another Purdue player. Then he runs back in to the corner. Before he is set, the other guy passes it back to him. He catches, turns, sets, and drains a 3-pointer. Absolutely awesome.

(I can't claim credit for the post title...one of the Boiler fans held up a sign with it during the game)

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