Saturday, February 09, 2008

The end is near...

If you felt a tremor last Monday, there is a reason: I paid off my car. Now this is a momentous occasion for numerous reasons. This is the first time in my history of car ownership that I have paid off a car. Well, mine anyway. We paid off Teri's car a few months ago, also a first. So at the moment, we do not have any car payments. And as momentous as that is, we have no immediate plans to get new cars. Teri still loves her Civic, and we're expecting several more years of service from it. I like my car enough to keep driving it, although it's a big help that there aren't many new cars that I find compelling enough at a price point I'm willing to pay (although the Mazdaspeed3 is starting to call to me). That may change later this year as some long-awaited new models are unveiled, but for now, no car payments. Woo!

This surely is a sign of the apocalypse.

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