Monday, July 02, 2007

If it's too loud....

Alrighty then. In an average work day, I'm not going to spend much time screwing around with the cell phone or web access (although, given the way our IT department has clamped down on everything, maybe I will...). What I will do regularly is listen to music.

I had heard some initial complaints that the iPhone's headphone jack is deeply recessed, preventing use with many headphones. And this is indeed the case. The folks at MacBreak Weekly were talking about stripping away the rubber on their head phones to make it fit. That won't work for mine, since the part I would need to strip away is metal.

Being the smart, observant guy I think I am, I remember seeing that the base/stand that comes with the iPhone has a headphone jack - one that works with anything. I'll just use that. And I do. I fire up a podcast, and quickly realize that it is REALLY LOUD. I start messing with the volume buttons on the side, with no apparent effect. I eventually notice the slider at the bottom of the screen and figure out that it is also a volume control. But, one that isn't making a difference. Mr. Observant then remembers that what the jack on the base actually says is "Line Out." Uh oh. Starting to make some sense why the volume controls aren't doing anything. Fortunately I brought the headphones that come with the iPhone to work with me, so I dig them out and plug them in. Hey, lookie thar, the volume works.

So now I need to decide if I like the $100 headphones I already have enough to spend another $10-$20 on an adapter. Yeah, I probably do. I hate earbuds, although the clicker on the Apple ones for playing/pausing is really nice.

Having proven that line out from the phone actually works, I'm a bit curious about what the deal is with the cable in the car. Should be a standard dock connector either way, but who knows?

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