Monday, July 02, 2007


So day 2 of iPhone is not going so well. I hop in the car this morning, connect the iPhone to the same plug I've been using with my iPod for almost 2 years now, and notice that the sound coming out is really quiet. I realize that the sound is playing through the iPhone's speaker, and not through my car audio system. That's just stupid. I'll have to do some poking around when I get back home to figure out what the deal is there. The cable I have is a Nyko Stereo Link for iPod, basically a Dock <-> RCA connector. If I can't get it to work tonight, I'll follow up with Nyko to get their thoughts on the matter. It won't be a huge deal to find a headphone jack <-> RCA connector, so this won't be a setback for long, but I do prefer the sound quality out of the dock connector. So that was a setback I hadn't expected. Other than lower disk space (8GB vs. 40GB), I really wasn't expecting to lose any iPod functionality.

Get to work, eager to experiment with the one thing I am expecting to be a setback: keeping both my home Mac and my work PC in sync via the iPhone. I currently accomplish this with moderate - but not total - success via my Sony Clie. Download the iTunes version that talks to the iPhone. Plug the iPhone in, and aside from Windows offering to find drivers for it, nothing really happens. So I go poke around in iTunes preferences, find the iPhone tab, and boy do I feel like an idiot now:
iPhone requires Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later

Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaack. We're on Windows 2000 SP4. The only good news there is that we are investigating new machines for other reasons, and will probably have them by the end of the year. But even once I get to that point, I still don't know if I can keep my contacts and calendars in sync. So it does appear for the time being I need to keep the Clie on hand. Bummer. The good news here is that the first/last time I plugged my Mac-formatted iPod into my work PC (I only wanted power, I didn't even want it to do anything), it became disabled to the point of requiring a complete reinstall when I got back home to the Mac. The iPhone appears to have survived with no ill-effects.

So let's recap:
RAZR - Done. Going on eBay soon. Good riddance. I lost voice dialing. I'll live. My BlueTooth earpiece hooked right up to the iPhone (after I figured out how to get the earpiece into pairing mode). The address/contact list on the iPhone smokes the RAZR in so many ways it's not even funny. Goodbye.
iPod - Well, until I get the cabling issues figured out with my car, looks like I need to keep it around. But I think a solution for this one is in sight.
Clie - Currently cannot sync the iPhone to my work PC, so the Clie will remain in my pocket.

Started with 3 devices, the goal was to get to one. Looks like I'm down to 2 (and a half, maybe), Clie and iPhone. Some improvement, not as much as I was hoping.


Chester Smith said...

How'd you work around the incompatibility of your iPhone with the Nyko Stereo Link cable in your car? I have the same problem. I see that both Griffin and Scosche have "charger converters", but it isn't obvious from reviews on Amazon whether either device re-routes the audio signals correctly.

The Slick One said...

I didn't. Started using the headphone jack with an RCA splitter. I'm now using a Kensington LiquidAUX.