Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bit The Bullet

Even though one of my key requirements is currently an unknown, I decided to go ahead and buy an iPhone. More on that in a bit. Experiences so far:

  1. Purchasing. I didn't bother getting in the rush on Friday. Wife and I went to an Apple store on Saturday to poke around on the demos, but wound up not buying any that night. Decided that I wanted one after all, went back on Sunday. Still a cluster of people poking at demos, but it wasn't insanely busy. I could have been in and out in under 2 minutes if I wanted to. I decided to look at cases and some other things before finally flagging down an Apple employee and buying the thing. No muss, no fuss.
  2. Registering. Without a hitch, so far. I'm in the middle of syncing, so I haven't actually tried calling yet, but it does say that the iPhone is activated. Maybe 5 minutes from the time I first plugged it in to completion of the registration process. The only thing that really jumped out at me was a screen saying that the Visual Voicemail feature requires a new mailbox, so that all old voicemails would be erased. I haven't heard that mentioned anywhere else. The screen advised listening to old voicemails before proceeding. I did so, didn't actually have any. I can see this being a big deal for people who cling to voicemails, so I'm really surprised I haven't read about this before.
  3. Syncing. The cable that comes with it is a USB cable, and this sync is taking forever. I should clarify: the initial sync only picks up contacts, calendars, and email accounts. That was reasonably quick. I'm working on some playlists right now, and that's a tad slow. My next experiment will be to see if it works with my firewire cable.
More thoughts as I begin to play....

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