Monday, March 05, 2007

Progress (A little, anyway...)

I went through to create my LLC. I figure that Intuit is a trustworthy name, and if they can simplify the process like, say, TurboTax does for taxes, that would be worth some extra money. So far, I'm not sure the extra is worth it.

I submitted the online form on the Sunday of last weekend. The following Monday afternoon, I received a call from a mycorp representative to confirm that my order had been received. That's just fine, but this phone call then turned into a sales call. She tried to sell me on some of the options that I had deliberately not chosen online. Now keep in mind that even if you choose NONE of the options they provide, the mycorp fee is more than the LLC application fee, or at least it is for my state. They charge more for an expedited process. I'm not in that much of a hurry, so I passed. There's a federal form option where you choose between doing it all yourself ($0), having them fill out the form but then you need to make a phone call ($ a little), or having them take care of the entire thing ($ a little more, plus a recurring fee). Their own primary sales point for the full nine is that if you change addresses, they can take care of everything, otherwise you would *gasp* have to contact the state on your own. No thanks, fill out the form for me, I can make the call. Then they have these business starter kits. Mostly it's just notebooks and binders and things, along with some kind of embosser. No thanks, don't need it. So what does the sales lady try to do? Sell me on the expedited service, the full federal deal, and the business starter kits. She warns me that some banks will require the embosser, to which I reply that I don't even have business accounts yet, and that if it becomes an issue I'm sure I can buy the embosser later. "Oh, but you'll save money on shipping if you do it now!" So wait, I'm so flush with cash that I can buy overpriced office supplies, but I'm too cheap to front the couple buck difference on shipping by buying something later? No thanks.

When I get home from work on Thursday, I have a delivery attempt notice from FedEx. I go pick it up, and sure enough it's the initial paperwork from mycorp. I notice that the envelope has a sticker on it that says "2nd attempt." For some reason I didn't see it the day before. Maybe it blew away, who knows? My point is that mycorp never sent me an email or anything indicating that they had sent something, so I didn't even know to look for it. I believe the FedEx service was an option I did choose, and of course paid extra for. How hard is it to send a notice saying something was sent, here's the expected delivery date, here's the tracking number?

The information packet was for the most part straightforward enough. A couple of places were indicated for me to sign, no problem. The curious part, and I'm still waiting to see if this matters, is that they sent me 2 identical copies of the form, and wanted me to sign both. I could see this if I was mailing them off, but the instructions clearly told me to fax the forms in. Well, or at least as clearly as "fax to the address listed below" is. For real. What do I need a mailing address for if I'm faxing? Oh, that number under the address is the fax number? Ok then. Hey mycorp, would it kill you just to include a fax cover sheet, already filled out and everything?

So I faxed the paperwork to the state on Friday. I'm guessing it will be a couple weeks before I hear anything else. But so far, mycorp is insanely overpriced for what they actually provide.

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